Travel tips

This page is intended for collecting recommendations that can help international traveler enjoy their bicycle trip in Ukraine. The page is "under construction", so we would appreciate your input, especially if you are a foreigner who happened to experience Ukraine from a bicycle saddle!

  1. Learn Cyrillic. Ukraine, along with just a few other countries in Europe, uses Cyrillic alphabet, which is very different from the Latin (if you don't believe us, just switch to the Ukrainian version of this website). Knowing how to read Cyrillic letters will help you deal with Ukrainian roads, trains and buses, because most road signs and transportation timetables are in Ukrainian language only. Please check Wikipedia to find out more about Ukrainian alphabet.
  2. Be seen. You will be travelling on public roads with low traffic. However, it is a good idea to help drivers see you in advance and to reduce their speed. For this purpose, always wear bright clothes or a safety vest (both is even better!). Get a red helmet, put a flag of your country on your bike. Use several flashlights at dusk and in the hight. 
  3. Learn some Ukrainian or Russian. Most people, especially in the countryside, does not speak foreign language, so it's a good idea to learn basic words that can help you find your way, check in at hotels, buy food and order meals. Young people, such as school students, are more likely to speak basic English, so don't hesitate to ask them for help.

The list will be extended. Please return here later, and please send in your hints and tips that may be helpful for EuroVelo-4 travellers. (Contact form)