A 75-km stretch of EV-4 from Zhytomyr to Radomysl was tested by Ukrainian volunteers

In June 2013, a group of cycling activists from the town of Radomyshl led by Alex Papirnyj made a field trip to test three optional routes connecting this town with the city of Zhytomyr. As a result, the most optimal route was selected and recommended to be used as EuroVelo4. It runs south of the E-40 motorway to the town of Korostyshiv. where it takes north-east to Radomyshl.

 The stretch's length is roughly 75 kilometers, including 15 kilometers of unpaved local road. The proposed route runs through picturesque villages on very low-traffic local roads along a couple of nice swim-able lakes. that cuts through pine forests and . It also goes through the medium-sized town of Korostyshiv, where travelers can have a lunch, buy goods or even stay at a local hotel. 

In Radomyshl, visitors are welcome to visit the main local attraction, the Radomysl Castle (on photos). This remarkable building once was a paper factory and now it hosts a unique museum of Orthodox icons, a restaurant and a small hotel. Other restaurants and hotels are also available in the town of Radomyshl.



The Zhytomyr-Radomyshl segment will be the last one an EV-traveler will need to ride before the funal day stretch to Kyiv. The distance to the Ukrainian capital from here is about 100 kilometers.

Photo credit: Olexiy Nikiforov, Kyiv Cyclists' Association