Public transportation

You are welcome to use public transportation to help you get on the route or to catch up if you are running behind your schedule. Ukraine has a relatively developed system of trains that includes long-distance trains (day time and overnight), local trains and regional trains. All of them are significantly cheaper than in the EU. Bicycles are allowed on local and regional trains at an extra fee, and on long-distance trains they are allowed only if they are disassembled and packed or wraped. Please consult with station officials regarding rules for your possible train.

Key public transit hubs on the EuroVelo-4 кщгеу in Ukraine are:


Lviv Internatinal Airport was built before Euro-2012 and is now connected to various European cities and may be a good gate to enter Ukraine.

Lviv also have great train connection to Kyiv, and daily trains to Krakow (Poland).


15 daily local trains to and form Lviv.


4 daily long-distance and regional trains to Kyiv.


Bus connection to Kyiv, or local trains with connection in Fastiv. Carrying bicycles is possible in luggage trunks of large buses. Bikes need to be disassembled and packed.


Numerous trains to Lviv and Shepetivka. International trains to Warsaw, Budapest, Sofia, Bucharest, Moscow, Minsk. Two international airports with dense connections to European hubs. 


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