Evrovelo participants attended Shepetivka (article from the site "Day after day")

On the 10th of July the cyclists of promo tour EuroVelo-4 visited Shepetivka. The tour started in Kyiv, the end point will be in Krakiw. The whole itinerary is more than 800 km.

EuroVelo is the European cycle route network, is a project managed by the European Cyclists’ Federation in cooperation with national and regional partners. It currently consists of 17 routes. EuroVelo4 goes through Shepetivka.

44 years old Mark from Finland decided to cycle the EuroVelo4 route from Kyiv to Krakow. The coordinator of the EuroVelo4 in Ukraine Olexandr Papirnyi joined him.

“I decided to make up the company and recode the route, - said Olexandr. It is very important for the tourists to follow the direction and have navigation”.

The main goal of the tour is recoding the route and marketing, that’s very useful for tourists to cycle along the EuroVelo4 route. You need only to load and cycle the GPS-track.

The main conditions to the route:

- not to lie across highways of the country

- have paved roads

- go through settlements with tourists services

- be located in comfortable distance for tourists, it’s 70-100 km.

The coordinator tells about discrepancy between the map and reality:

“Sometimes we come to the place, there is no road, it’s only ‘direction’. So, we can’t recommend such things to the tourists, that’s why we should lay the itinerary in other direction”.

The goal of the promo tour is distribution of information among local residents and government, to attract attention to the cycling situation in Ukraine and to launch the arrangement of the Ukrainian part of European cycling route. There is less information about such tours in Ukraine. During the tour you have a good opportunity to learn about Ukrainian culture and traditions.

The tour is lasted the 4th day. They left Kyiv on Saturday. In facebook they share impressions and photos.

“We write about the roads, traphic and our impressions on the tour”, - commented Olexandr.

Olexandr is the third time in Shepetivka and his friend is the first. They both have good impressions on the town. They visited M. Ostroskyi Museum. Unfortunately, there wasn’t English speaking guide and description of exhibits in English.

“It’s a problem for the tourists”-said Olexandr.

The cyclists can join the tour. It’s very important to have a desire and a good bike. The cyclist from Poland have already taken part in the route, the cyclists from Spain are going to cycle from Germany to Kyiv in August. They can choose one route or another-so, they can take their own route.

The next point of the tour is Slavuta.

Text: Liubov Honcharuk

Photo: Dmytro Shpak

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