On 7 July starts the cycling promotional tour EuroVelo4 in Ukraine

On 7 July in Kyiv starts the cycling promotional tour EuroVelo4 Ukrainian part of the route. The final point is Krakow, Poland.

The promo cycling tour, organised by the coordinator of the project "EuroVelo in Ukraine" Olexandr Papirnyi and the cyclist from Finland Mark.The main goal of this cycling tour is promotion of EuroVelo route in Ukraine. The cyclists are going to meet with municipalities, local government, tourism organizations and cyclists. So, the cyclists are trying to attract attention to the cycling situation in Ukraine and to launch the arrangement of the Ukrainian part of European cycling

"The key engines of tourism development, esp cycling tourism, are local business and local government - said Olexandr Papirnyi. According to the planning of the territory we should take to consideration EuroVelo route and European cycling tourists. They are more often interested in the EuroVelo4 route in Ukraine".

Olexandr and Mark are very good cyclists, they have good experience in riding, esp EuroVelo routes. In Poland and Czech Republic Olexandr Papirnyi will meet the coordinators of EuroVelo to exchange the experience. The promo cycling tour will last for 10 days in the Ukrainian part of the EuroVelo4 and 7 days in Poland. Under favorable conditions the cyclists will come to the final point on 25 July.

Just to remind, the route EuroVelo4 starts in Roscoff, France and ends in Kyiv. The Ukrainian part of the cycling route is over 700 kl and includes 6 regions: Lviv, Ternopil, Rivne, Khmelnytsk, Zhytomyr and Kyiv.