Activists explored another 350 km of EV-4 in Ukraine

In August 2013, Kyiv Cyclists' Association, the National EuroVelo coordinator for Ukraine, held a field trip to explore a 350-km stretch of the planned EuroVelo-4 Route in Western Ukraine. The trip that covered four provinces stared in Shepetivka, a mid-size city located about halfway between Lviv and Kyiv. From there, the team of cycling enthusiast moved westbound, sometimes splitting in two groups to check various potential routes. The group, composed of 5 volunteers from Kyiv, Radomyshl, Khmelnytskyi and Yaremche, was pedaling about 80-100 every day, documenting its way and discovering local communities and tourism infrastructure.

The team checked the current condition of the roads planned to be used for EV-4, evaluating them against official EuroVelo guidelines and paying special attention to the quality of pavement and the intensity of motorized traffic. The team also collected information on the points of service, such as hotels and restaurants, visited and documented main tourist attractions. 
The field trip from Shepetivka to Lviv was the second one for KCA in the season of 2013. Earlier, Ukrainian activists have checked several theoretical routes from Zhytomyr to Radomyshl (75 km). 
Kyiv Cyclists' Association was founded in 2007 and is a member of European Cyclists' Federation since 2010. In early 2013, KCA was approved as the national EuroVelo coordinator in Ukraine. Field trips and all other activities regarding the development of EuroVelo-4 in Ukraine are conducted in close cooperation with cycling groups from the target regions.

A lot of photo:

Route map (by click Google map will open):

Purple segments - unexplored yet. Now there is about 35-40% of overall distance.
Blue segments - good roads, where you surely can cycle with comfort.
Red segments - poor roads, mostly unpaved and non-conformed to Eurovelo standards
Orange segment - road with traffic, heave enough to make problems for unexperienced cyclist.