Cobblestone – Ukraine

October 31 - Wolfgang

Ukraine is another transition-country. It has a lot in common with Russia, but also a lot with Europe or let’s say the EU. After all that’s probably why it is conflict prone.

I enter Ukraine almost at dusk and for the first 50 km I can’t see any difference.


Activists explored another 350 km of EV-4 in Ukraine

In August 2013, Kyiv Cyclists' Association, the National EuroVelo coordinator for Ukraine, held a field trip to explore a 350-km stretch of the planned EuroVelo-4 Route in Western Ukraine. The trip that covered four provinces stared in Shepetivka, a mid-size city located about halfway between Lviv and Kyiv. From there, the team of cycling enthusiast moved westbound, sometimes splitting in two groups to check various potential routes. The group, composed of 5 volunteers from Kyiv, Radomyshl, Khmelnytskyi and Yaremche, was pedaling about 80-100 every day, documenting its way and discovering local communities and tourism infrastructure.


A 75-km stretch of EV-4 from Zhytomyr to Radomysl was tested by Ukrainian volunteers

In June 2013, a group of cycling activists from the town of Radomyshl led by Alex Papirnyj made a field trip to test three optional routes connecting this town with the city of Zhytomyr. As a result, the most optimal route was selected and recommended to be used as EuroVelo4. It runs south of the E-40 motorway to the town of Korostyshiv. where it takes north-east to Radomyshl.